Who we are

L'équipe Julia Adela Abdul et Ibrahima le secrétaire de Abarka Bajon Koto et interprète

 Julia, Adela, Abdul and Ibrahima, secretary of Abarka Bajon Koto and interpreter

Adela Tintoré, secretary of the association, and a conference interpreter, historian and teacher, provides the project with her overall vision, up-to-date information and organizational skills.

Abdou Kadery Jaiteh, her husband and president of the association, was born in Bajon Koto, where his family still lives to this day. He brings his in-depth knowledge of the local area, language, and people. He understands the needs and enjoys the trust of the local people.

Julia Vera, her daughter and treasurer of the association, is a student with experience of a range of social work placements. She brings her youthful interest, foresight, and enthusiasm, as well as her capacity for hard work and interpersonal skills.

Their skills and hard work provide the villagers with the support they need to deploy their talents and skills to the full.

The voluntary work put in by all three members of the team has attracted the support of new friends and supporters, in Switzerland, Spain, and elsewhere.