Officially established in April 2009 in Geneva, we are an association dedicated to the pursuit of sustainable, human and rural development.

We are a cooperative association, working with the inhabitants of Bajon Koto, a rural village in the Gambia, and their association, Abarka Sustainable Human Development Association, established in February 2009.

Première réunion pour la création de Abarka sous le manguier de Bajon Koto en Janvier 2009

First meeting under the mango tree of Bajon Koto, in January 2009, that led to the establishment of Abarka

Our two associations are not-for-profit and have no administrative overheads.

Their members work in the collective interest of Bajon Koto. All of their activities, donations, and earnings, are invested in Bajon Koto for the achievement of social aims.

The Abarka Gambia Association – Switzerland raises funds to help Abarka Bajon Koto in cultivating more land and selling its produce successfully.

Projects are designed to create the necessary conditions for sustainable, human and rural development, for instance, by building a school, providing capacity building, and ensuring access to healthcare for all the inhabitants of Bajon Koto.

Abarka means “thank you” in Mandingo, the most commonly spoken language in the Gambia.

Activities in Geneva

Abarka Gambia – Switzerland organizes fund-raising activities in Geneva: a “Tapas of the World” stand at the Euro2008 and 2010 World Cup fan zones; participation in the activities of APRES-GE (Chamber of Social Solidarity Economy), and selling Gambian clothes, fabrics and handicrafts on Saturday mornings at the market in Carouge.

avec la participation des jeunes

with the participation of young people,

des filles et des femmes

women and young girls,

des enfants aussi



des plus agés et des chefs du village

and the village chiefs and elders.